After Windows 7, Windows Live Makes An Appearance On TV Shows

Windows Live Skydrive makes an appearance on Human Target S02E09 to help solve crimes.

Office 2010 Ad: Kids Show You PowerPoint Features

A new series of Office 2010 ads from Microsoft that has kids showing off the new features.

Microsoft’s New Campaign – I Am Microsoft

Microsoft’s I Am Microsoft campaign showcasing the diverse cultures working at Microsoft.

Microsoft Openly Challenges VMware In New Ad

Microsoft as part of their New Efficiency ad calls out VMWare as a costly and less efficient solution to server virtualization.

The Curious Case Of The Microsoft NE Superhero

Microsoft India’s new mysterious & baffling campaign – The Microsoft NE Superhero

Explore My Way – IE 8 Campaign By Microsoft India

Microsoft India’s promotional campaign for Internet Explorer 8 run via a website & 4 video advertisements.

Jerry-Gates Are NOT ‘Canceled’

English can be a funny language to interpret or maybe not. Jerry-Gates ads are not ‘canceled’. Jerry was never gonna featuring in every commercial.