HomeKit Home Devices

My HomeKit Home

A quick look at my HomeKit Home with devices from Philips Hue, Nanoleafs, Lutron Caseta, Ecobee, Aqara, Level Locks, Apple HomePods and Apple TV for hubs

The Microsoft Band Will Eventually Be Disbanded

A separate health band won’t be a category soon, Microsoft won’t get partners to license the Band software. It’s game over for the Microsoft Band.

Stats: Transition From Explorer To The Browser Is Here

The browser is now the desktop. Most of our daily computing activities can be done via the browser and traditional computing is undergoing a transition.

[TNW] iTunes Ping, Game Center and Windows Phone 7

My thoughts on Apple iTunes Ping and Game Center and what they mean to Windows Phone 7.

Some Thoughts On Thoughts About Windows Phone 7 Series

Some thoughts on Windows Phone 7 Series platform and comments made by Mozilla, John Gruber about copy/paste in Windows phone and the iPhone 4 OS

New Macbook Design? RJ-45 Coming To The Macbook Air?

Apple patent shows possible new macbook design, connector ports to move to the back and new technology to reduce port sizes and computer form factor.

Apple Patent Shows New iPhone OS UI & Contacts On Home Screen

Apple patent shows next gen iPhone OS UI, contacts coming to home screen and contact screen getting more options.

3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan 2010 – Month Of The Nerds

A month filled with interesting announcements from the world of technology. Microsoft at CES 2010, Google’s Android powered Nexus One, Apple tablet PC.

[Update] Tablet Battle: iPad vs JooJoo vs Dell Streak vs Archos 9 vs Notion Ink Adam

A comparison chart of the Tabler PCs – Apple’s tablet iSlate, Fusion Garage and Chandra’s – JooJoo, Dell Streak, Notion Ink’s Adam and Archos 9.

Codex Team Does Refer To Apple’s Knowledge Navigator As A Reference

Apple’s Knowledge Navigator was indeed an inspiration for the Codex.

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