Bing Trying New Search Bar & Header

New Bing bar being tested.

More HTML5 Bing Demos Show Bing As A Web App

HTML5 Bing demos show Bing becoming more than a search engine (or decision engine) the service from Microsoft is becoming more of a web based app.

Bing – The Eye Opener For Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy

Steve Ballmer while talking to students in Moscow explains how Bing was a lesson learnt towards their cloud strategy.

Use Bing Visual Search To Find Your Windows Phone 7

Bing Visual Search now has Windows Phone 7 as a pivot to search phones.

[Early Screen Shots] Evolution Of The Bing Homepage Design – Kieg, Kumo, Kiev, Kumo

Some early screen shots of Bing’s design and the evolution of the Bing homepage and search results page shown at MIX 10.

[Update] Foursquare Using Both Bing Maps & Google Maps

Foursquare is using Bing Maps for their Facebook integration whereas are making use of Google Maps on their website.

Microsoft India – Localized Bing, No Windows 7 Upgrade Packages & No Student Discounts

In conversation with Rajiv Popli – Director of Windows 7 client division, Microsoft India, he talks about Bing India and advertising commercials for Windows 7 in India.

How Microsoft Is Missing The Online Dominance Race … Again

Microsoft better get its focus & priorities right, else Google will beat Microsoft once again in the online battle.

Microsoft Pays Tribute To MJ

Microsoft pays tribute to a legend by giving away a free video on Xbox Live, taxis with a message for MJ & a Deep Zoom on MJ’s life.

Bing From Everywhere

Add Bing to IE, Firefox, Chrome, Windows 7 Explorer, Bing Search Connector, Bing in Start Menu search & IE Slices for

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