After Windows 7, Windows Live Makes An Appearance On TV Shows

Windows Live Skydrive makes an appearance on Human Target S02E09 to help solve crimes.

Office 2010 Ad: Kids Show You PowerPoint Features

A new series of Office 2010 ads from Microsoft that has kids showing off the new features.

Microsoft India’s My Safe PC Campaign And The MSE Robot

Microsoft India has launched an online and offline campaign by tieing up with technology magazine publishers called My Safe PC where some of Microsoft’s end user products are made available as a package.

Microsoft Launches Campaign For Windows 7 Professional – ‘You Spoke, We Listened’

3 new videos from microsoft pitching Windows 7 to business users. Continuing from the ‘Windows 7 was my Idea’ to a ‘You spoke, We listened’ campaign And companies talking about their Windows 7 experiences.

Microsoft’s New Campaign – I Am Microsoft

Microsoft’s I Am Microsoft campaign showcasing the diverse cultures working at Microsoft.

Explore My Way – IE 8 Campaign By Microsoft India

Microsoft India’s promotional campaign for Internet Explorer 8 run via a website & 4 video advertisements.

Microsoft India Launches Win 7 & WinMo 6.5 Promotional Campaign

Microsoft India launches Windows 7 & Windows Mobile 6.5 Promotional campaign here in India.

Jerry-Gates Are NOT ‘Canceled’

English can be a funny language to interpret or maybe not. Jerry-Gates ads are not ‘canceled’. Jerry was never gonna featuring in every commercial.