Xbox LIVE Gold: A Waste of Money

Google Chromecast is more value for money than Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

Chrome OS Demo Videos & Details

Google’s Chrome OS demo as shown videos & details.

Shoddy Indian Tech Journalism & Windows 7 #2

Indian tech journalists and editors goof up on Windows 7 again and spread news that is bound to create confusion and is pure FUD.

Browser Battles & The Perfect Browser

What really matters in comparing browsers is their performance and not charts. My ideal browser would contain the following features.

Bing From Everywhere

Add Bing to IE, Firefox, Chrome, Windows 7 Explorer, Bing Search Connector, Bing in Start Menu search & IE Slices for

Google Beat Apple At Its Game

With Chrome & Android Google beat Apple at it’s own game.

It’s How Microsoft Is Perceived

People hate Microsoft more than they hate Microsoft’s products. Here is proof.