Inside Facebook

Some intriguing tidbits and facts about Facebook from within.

Porter’s Analysis & Resource Based View Of Facebook

Facebook through the lens of some business management concepts.

Adsense By Facebook: Facebook’s Turn To Step Onto Google’s Turf

With Google+ Google decided to compete with Facebook. Facebook blocked Google Adsense to be used by developers, these indicate a possible competitor to Google adsense from Facebook.

Facebook’s Video Calling and WP7

MSFT buys Skype. MSFT integrates Facebook chat in WP7. Facebook brings Skype to chat. This could be video calling in Mango and even Windows 8.

4 Fundamental Differences Between Google+ & Facebook

Google+ is Google’s attempt at social but it is not a social network like Facebook. I’ve tried to figure out 4 fundamental differences on what the two products try to do.

Microsoft’s Leverage Against Carriers For WP7

Microsoft with their Skype purchase in addition to the integration of Facebook and Windows Live Messaging integration will let them play ball on the negotiations table with the carriers.

[ZDNet] Groupon’s Winning In Facebook vs Groupon

Facebook can come out with a competitor to Groupon if not be able to buy it. Groupon’s expansion plans will challenge any competition from Facebook.

Add Your Name To Microsoft Office 2010’s Global Name-Dictionary

Microsoft Office has created a Facebook app for users to submit their names to create a custom dictionary for office 2010.

[Update] Foursquare Using Both Bing Maps & Google Maps

Foursquare is using Bing Maps for their Facebook integration whereas are making use of Google Maps on their website.

Facebook Friends Pivot [Demo Video & Images]

A user generated Pivot for Microsoft Live Labs’ project – Pivot (browser) The Pivot displays Facebook friends and categorizes them based on profile information.

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