Travel Gadgets I Carry on the Road

Traveling is stressful, here are the travel gadgets I always carry with me.

One Dock to Power the Work from Home Setup

My work from home setup is powered by a single dock that lets me switch between my work laptop, personal laptop and personal gaming desktop.

Work from home gadgets: Part II

My work from home desk gadgets include a Logitech C920e webcam, an Elgato Key Light Air light, a Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 iphone stand, and an Anker Bluetooh Conference speaker

Self-cleaning smart trash can for compost

I needed a smarter solution to the compost trash problem and I found a smart trash can that makes dealing with trash fun.

Switchbot vs Switchmate: How to convert regular switch to a smart switch

Switchbot is the best option to convert regular rocker switches to being smart switches for your smart home setup. In Switchmate vs Switchbot, Switchbot wins by a huge margin.

Amplifi Alien: A major upgrade to a slow mesh network

Amplifi Alien is an amazing Wi-Fi 6 router with a gorgeous screen and features. The Ubiquity Amplifi app is super helpful and mesh satellite comes with one RJ45 ethernet port.

Entry-level Gaming Desktop: 12 Things I Learned Buying the HP Pavilion

Building an entry-level gaming desktop is a mixed bag. From GPU, CPU, product availability, OEM players, I learned a lot about the gaming market.

Roborock S6 MaxV: Fun obstacle avoidance, good navigation and powerful app

Roborock S6 MaxV: Fun obstacle avoidance, good navigation and powerful mobile app

Simple accessories to organize gadget wires at home

Organize gadget wires in a connected and smart home with a lot of wires around. Here are some ways to hold the gadget wires and remotes

5 Smart Home Devices on a Budget (Updated 06/04/21)

Smart home gadgets on a budget. Smart lights, automated vacuum cleaning, an indoor nerd herb garden, touchless flushing and more.

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