[ZDNet] Technology Behind India’s UID Project

The companies, processes and technology powering the unique identification number allotment and database management for India.

Bill Gates Plans To Adopt A Village In India

Bill Gates is visiting India as part of his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and plans to adopt a village in India and has also pledged monetary support to the government.

Some Numbers About Broadband Internet In India

Some numbers about broadband india penetration in India as mentioned. The number of broadband users in India, average speeds compared to that of the world and China.

How Microsoft Is Missing The Online Dominance Race … Again

Microsoft better get its focus & priorities right, else Google will beat Microsoft once again in the online battle.

Win 7 & Shoddy Indian Tech Journalism

Horrendous blunders by tech journalists in attempts to defame Microsoft. Mistakes made while reporting on Windows 7.

~70 User-Generated Geo-Tagged Synths In India

Photosynths of Indian places created & generated by users, submitted for world viewing, geotagged on Virtual Earth.

Windows Pricing, Sales, Piracy & India

What Microsoft India should do to deal with the threat from Google & maintain world desktop dominance.

#2 Free Software From Microsoft For Indian Students

Another method to obtain free software from Microsoft.

Happy Engineer’s Day

A happy engineer’s day to all.

Possible Technical Glitch in iPhone Activation

Highlights of the iPhone India launch.

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