Why I’m Not Going To Buy The Surface RT

The more I evaluate it, the less likely I become to invest $599 in Microsoft’s Surface.

The Holiday 2012 Shopping Wish-List

Unlike last year’s holiday season, this one seems to have a lot of interesting gadgets. And I plan to buy some.

There Is No Post-PC Era

Gartenberg backs Steve Jobs’ marketing claim of a post-PC era. I say there’s none. The PC is still the same, does the same but we interact differently.

Windows 8 To Feature Attention Tracking. Minimum Hardware Specs For Tablets Leaked

As I said in the last post, Microsoft plans to use the Windows Phone 7 strategy for the tablet segment as well. For the tablets, Microsoft might define the hardware specifications like in the case of WP7. The leaked documents give us a rough idea of the requirements:

Microsoft’s Answer To The iPad Is Windows 8. Leaked Documents Show How

As a consumer I believe that companies should share with customers what their plans for the future are so that I can make an informed decision but that doesn’t happen unless some guy leaks a huge bunch of internal documents for us to feed on.

[Update] Tablet Battle: iPad vs JooJoo vs Dell Streak vs Archos 9 vs Notion Ink Adam

A comparison chart of the Tabler PCs – Apple’s tablet iSlate, Fusion Garage and Chandra’s – JooJoo, Dell Streak, Notion Ink’s Adam and Archos 9.