Microsoft India Holds The Worst Product Launch For Windows Phone

WIth no review units, no buzz in the press and the US video used to show features, Microsoft India disappoints yet again.

Microsoft India Highlights Digital Divide In Urban & Rural India

A short video from Microsoft talking about the digital divide and how overcoming it can help improve the living conditions of India.

Microsoft India Shows The Kinect Experience For Diwali

Microsoft India demonstrates the Xbox Kinect at malls and is taking pre-orders.

Some Of The Coolest Windows 7 Features Were Developed In India

The official version of the 7000 domino launch video talks about the Windows 7 features that were developed at Microsoft India, Hyderabad.

What Microsoft Support Engineers Do And How They’re Kept Motivated

Some flyers from Microsoft India’s Global Support Center in Bangalore show the different competitions Microsoft has internally for their employees.

Bill Gates Plans To Adopt A Village In India

Bill Gates is visiting India as part of his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and plans to adopt a village in India and has also pledged monetary support to the government.

Microsoft India’s My Safe PC Campaign And The MSE Robot

Microsoft India has launched an online and offline campaign by tieing up with technology magazine publishers called My Safe PC where some of Microsoft’s end user products are made available as a package.

Microsoft India Launches Research Portal For Computer Science Students

Microsoft Research India has launched a new portal titled Resarch and You for students to learn about research as a career and resaech in computing.

[Update] Microsoft India Testing Azure Based Webcasting Platform – Zeollar

Microsoft India’s Developer and Evangelist group knwn as DPE is testing an Azure based Webcasting platform to distribute online content. In all likely hood, Virtual Tech Days will be telecast on this in coming days.

[Update] Microsoft Launches Indic Input Tool For 10 Indian Languages

Transliteration for 6 Indian languages by Microsoft India. Desktop & Web versions.

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