[Update] Microsoft To Introduce New Themes In Office 15

New pattern design in Outlook 15 hints at new themes in Office 15.

Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Some of Microsoft’s recent announcements make me wonder whether the company is shooting itself in the foot or looking out for its long term future.

Explorer and Ribbon

A breakdown of Explorer in Windows 8 and how Ribbon enhances usability compared to Windows 7 and Finder.

Microsoft To Bring Office 365 To Windows Phone (Hint: Think Lync & FaceTime)

With office 365 on Windows Phone Microsoft could be looking to bring Lync Online as its FaceTime competitor.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With The Cool Microsoft Office Timeline

Silverlight based timeline of Microsoft Office dating from 1983 to 2009.

[Update: Nothing New] Office 2010 To Have Family Packs?

Office 2010 to have Family Packs, like Windows 7.

[Update:Screen Shots] Microsoft To Integrate Outlook With Social Networks

Microsoft To Integrate Outlook With Social Networks? A tweet seems to suggest so.

Office 2010 Beta New Features & Changes

First look at the new features added to Office 2010 Beta and some changes over Office 2010 Technical Preview.

BBC Columnist Finds “The Problem With PowerPoint”

Here’s what is wrong with PowerPoint according to BBC … not entirely!

Office 2010 Tech Preview After 30 Days

Once the evaluation period is over, 1 can continue to use the Tech Preview version without any major issues.

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