Microsoft Research’s Sensory Phone

Microsoft Research has an umbrella project called Sensory Phones where different projects come together to enhance the use of sensors.

TellTable – Use Your Objects To Tell Your Story On Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Research project TellTable allows you to create your own stories by including your own objects and characters using a camera and Surface’s multi-touch capabilities.

Xbox Live, TV, Bing Maps And SteveB At UW [Demo Videos]

Videos of the demos shown at Steve Ballmer’s Cloud webcast at Univeristy of Washington.

[Update #2] Microsoft Asia Working On A Futuristic Mobile Charging Pad

Microsoft Patent reveals a charging pad for portable devices such mobile phones. The charging pad comes with an OLED screen, Internet access, ambient light sensors and accelerometers.

Microsoft India Launches Research Portal For Computer Science Students

Microsoft Research India has launched a new portal titled Resarch and You for students to learn about research as a career and resaech in computing.

Microsoft Shows Device Control By Muscle Movement [Demo Video & Images]

Control devices by flexing your finger muscles, control portable media player or other devices by gesture control. Microsoft’s Muscle-Computer Interfaces (muCIs)

Microsoft Live Labs’ Pivot To The Web – First Look

Microsoft Live Lab’s newest project – Pivot a revamped browser based on categorized online data presentation to the user with a beautiful UI.

Ripley – Microsoft Research’s Security Solution For Web 2.0 Applications & Users

Microsoft Research proposes solution to ensure Web 2.0 security for the servers, users & applications.

Microsoft Office Labs GM Shows The Office Labs 2019 Vision Isn’t That Far

Microsoft Office Labs General Manager Chris Partley shows how they intend to achieve one of the highlights of the Office Labs Future Vision 2019 Montage video.

Codex Team Does Refer To Apple’s Knowledge Navigator As A Reference

Apple’s Knowledge Navigator was indeed an inspiration for the Codex.

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