Microsoft Band: The Polished Prototype

Microsoft Band, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Microsoft Patent Reveals User Behavior Based Battery Saving

Microsoft battery patent shows by observing a user’s charging and phone use behavior Microsoft hopes to extend battery life.

Skype and Microsoft

A few thoughts on the Microsoft and Skype $8.5 Billion deal to be formally announced soon.

Stats: Transition From Explorer To The Browser Is Here

The browser is now the desktop. Most of our daily computing activities can be done via the browser and traditional computing is undergoing a transition.

Microsoft Shows Device Control By Muscle Movement [Demo Video & Images]

Control devices by flexing your finger muscles, control portable media player or other devices by gesture control. Microsoft’s Muscle-Computer Interfaces (muCIs)

3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan 2010 – Month Of The Nerds

A month filled with interesting announcements from the world of technology. Microsoft at CES 2010, Google’s Android powered Nexus One, Apple tablet PC.

Devs Coding Slick Homebrew Apps For The ZuneHD

ZuneHD has got potential for 3rd party apps if only Microsoft opened it up for them and sold the device in more countries.

Microsoft Answers Forum To Offer Paid Support – TechSupport Marketplace

Microsoft to make a platform for technical experts to charge to provide tech support. Users who want to can pay.

[Update] Microsoft India Testing Azure Based Webcasting Platform – Zeollar

Microsoft India’s Developer and Evangelist group knwn as DPE is testing an Azure based Webcasting platform to distribute online content. In all likely hood, Virtual Tech Days will be telecast on this in coming days.

[Update] Microsoft Launches Indic Input Tool For 10 Indian Languages

Transliteration for 6 Indian languages by Microsoft India. Desktop & Web versions.

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