The Xbox Mobile

Microsoft has an Xbox mobile device that maps the real Xbox controller on the touch screen.

Microsoft Patent Reveals User Behavior Based Battery Saving

Microsoft battery patent shows by observing a user’s charging and phone use behavior Microsoft hopes to extend battery life.

Microsoft Wanted To Plug The Zune In Your Headphones

Someone at Microsoft wanted to build headphones that could house a Zune Nano.

From Patent To Product: 22 Months

Microsoft applied for a patent in 2010 and is expected to announce the product later this year.

MSFT Might Use NFC For HP’s ‘Touch to Share’ Like Tablet-Phone Love Making

A MSFT patent talks about web based-formats to transfer data over NFC. Might allow Windows 8 app developers quick and easy access to offer functionality.

Steve Jobs: Microsoft’s Unforeseen Lawyer Against Android

Steve Jobs saying Android is stolen are strong words against the platform that absolve Microsoft og any wrong doing in signing IP licensing deals with OEMs.

[TB] One Windows For Phone, PC and Xbox

A patent application from Microsoft explains how the company might achieve their same code-base across devices strategy.

[TB] NUI For PowerPoint

Two patent applications from Microsoft show the possible of PowerPoint on tablets and with kinect like gesture interaction.

Patent Shows Roaming Profiles For Custom Kinect Gestures

Patent shows gestures adapting to a user and these personalized gestures being available as a roaming profile.

Microsoft Patent: Flick In A Direction To Transfer Files To Phones Near Your

Microsoft has applied to patent a use case where you can flick an image to the corner of your phone & it will transfer the image to a paired phone in the same direction.

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