Xbox To Save Gamer’s Health Records And Tailor Gaming Experience Accordingly

According to an interesting patent application I came across, Microsoft plans to save its users health records so that it can customize the gaming experience accordingly.

There have been several instances where continuous gaming has adversely affected physical and mental state of an individual. The patent application gives an idea about how Microsoft plans to address this issue. Microsoft talks about obesity and how it has plagued the US, Microsoft intends to make gamers undertake assignments and tasks according to their health records.

Here’s a flow chart that details how the system is intended to work:

Microsoft Applies To Patent Natal-Like Implementation For PCs

Been some time that I came across an interesting patent application but here’s an interesting one. Microsoft engineers have applied for two patents detailing the Architecture to control the PC using hand gestures. Earlier Microsoft showed controlling devices by muscle movements and has applied to patent a pressure sensitive mouse.

The basic architectural diagram shows a user can use voice, gesture, keyboard or mouse as inputs to a computer. Microsoft engineers talk about using both voice and gesture together to control various actions on the PC. A basic image shows the two cameras and a mic are placed in front of the user:

Apple Files Patent To Use Your Display As Camera Flash

Apple patent application details how Apple plans to use the computer display as flash for cameras.

Does iPhone OS 4 Violate Patent Filed By Microsoft?

Looks like Apple is offering a feature for enterprises that Microsoft has applied a patent for.

Apple Patent Explains Shopping, Financing And Payment App For The iPhone

Apple patent shows iPhone as a mode for making payments and financial transactions with a Shopping app that has financing and payments.

Apple Patent Shows Smart Drag-Drop For Upcoming OS X?

Recently filed Apple patent shows dynamically changing folder icons and auto sorting of files when dragged and dropped.

Microsoft Patent Explains Tablet Courier’s Context Menu?

Patent explains the radial context menu as seen in Microsoft Courier’s promotional demo UI videos. The context menu is designed to suit touch interfaces by showing the frequently used options more prominently for quick access.

Patent Shows Windows 8 Interface Features?

Patent shows possible Windows 8 interface with new categories for data like Libraries and a rich feedback driven drag and drop interface.

Microsoft Working On Pressure Sensitive Computer Mouse?

Microsoft patent shows pressure sensitive mouse, where interaction depends on the pressure applied when clicked. Classified as normal tap or hard tap.

Microsoft Planned To Make Windows Mobile Into Wacom Like Graphic Tablets?

Recently surfaced Microsoft patent shows ability to use a Windows Phone as a Wacom like graphics tablet input device

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