The Problem With SkyDrive

Compromise on features to keep things simple and emulate a smaller player leaving a huge gap to be filled by anyone who wants to.

Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Some of Microsoft’s recent announcements make me wonder whether the company is shooting itself in the foot or looking out for its long term future.

SkyDrive As A Photo Sharing Network

SkyDrive and WP7 together create a great experience for users to share photographs and access their data on the cloud. It can be made better.

[Video] Microsoft’s SkyDrive Starts Streaming Music On WP7

You can now stream your own music stored on SkyDrive to your WP7 devices.

Azure Could Be Microsoft’s Paid SkyDrive Expansion Option

Microsoft’s announcement makes me think they are preparing for a paid SkyDrive expansion option using Windows Azure. This could mean uploading your own music on SkyDrive for streaming.

After Windows 7, Windows Live Makes An Appearance On TV Shows

Windows Live Skydrive makes an appearance on Human Target S02E09 to help solve crimes.

[TNW] SkyDrive’s New Logo Says A Lot About The Service

Skydrive’s new logo of two clouds and a golden swish stands for the service being Microsoft’s consumer cloud.

Welcome To Office Web Apps – First Look

First looks at Office Web Apps. Not a Google Docs killer but a competitor.

Windows aLive

A complete review and intro of the new services offered by Microsoft under the Live brand.