Captain America Windows 7 Theme & WP7 Wallpapers

A 7 wallpaper Windows 7 theme of the Avenger character with resized Windows Phone 7 versions.

GeoThemes: Change Windows 7 Themes Based On Geo Location (App Idea)

I find geo-location based services to be quite fascinating. Windows 7 brought with it themes and geo-location sesnor APIs, mixing both to have themes change based on geo location has been lingering on in my mind for long. Once Long and Rafael released Geosense, I realized this could quite well be possible without depending on GPS hardware.

I call this application GeoThemes. The idea is quite simple,  you can set themes for specific locations, a different theme for work or college and a different one for your residence. A simple mock up of the application:

Update: 54 Assorted Wallpapers of 17 Microsoft Products [Official And Unofficial]

54 wallpapers of 17 Microsoft products and 7 Windows themes of the wallpapers.

[Wallpapers & Theme] High Res Rejected Windows 7 Artwork

High resolution images of the rejected Windows 7 artwork for wallpapers & login screen by Chuck Anderson of No Pattern.

OS X Snow Leopard Theme For Windows 7 [Wallpapers, Icons & Cursors]

Snow Leopard theme with Wallpapers, icons & cursors for Windows 7

Customize Your Windows Desktop To Elegance

Add elegant looking system perfomance counters, gadgets, see system uptime, beautiful desktop, Bing from the desktop

Windows 7 Bliss Themepack

Windows 7 Theme Bliss, based on Windows 7 artwork wallpapers & blue as the primary color.

Asia Theme Pack For Windows 7

Windows 7 Regional theme for Asia.

Windows 98 Plus! Themes For Windows 7

Install the default bundled themes in Windows 98 on Windows 7. With desktop icons, sounds, cursors & wallpaper.

Windows 7 Resources (Built & How To On Themes & Connectors)

A compilation fo Search Connectors for Windows 7. MSDN, Youtube, Wikipedia, Microsoft Support etc. & links to theme packs for Windows 7.

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