Captain America Windows 7 Theme & WP7 Wallpapers

A 7 wallpaper Windows 7 theme of the Avenger character with resized Windows Phone 7 versions.

After Windows 7, Windows Live Makes An Appearance On TV Shows

Windows Live Skydrive makes an appearance on Human Target S02E09 to help solve crimes.

GeoThemes: Change Windows 7 Themes Based On Geo Location (App Idea)

I find geo-location based services to be quite fascinating. Windows 7 brought with it themes and geo-location sesnor APIs, mixing both to have themes change based on geo location has been lingering on in my mind for long. Once Long and Rafael released Geosense, I realized this could quite well be possible without depending on GPS hardware.

I call this application GeoThemes. The idea is quite simple,  you can set themes for specific locations, a different theme for work or college and a different one for your residence. A simple mock up of the application:

Some Of The Coolest Windows 7 Features Were Developed In India

The official version of the 7000 domino launch video talks about the Windows 7 features that were developed at Microsoft India, Hyderabad.

pptPlex Updated For PowerPoint 2010. Now Supports Windows 7 Multi Touch

The Office Labs team has updated the awesome powerpoint addon tool pptPlex that converts presentations into a canvas of slides allowing you to zoom and pan around.

Microsoft Launches Campaign For Windows 7 Professional – ‘You Spoke, We Listened’

3 new videos from microsoft pitching Windows 7 to business users. Continuing from the ‘Windows 7 was my Idea’ to a ‘You spoke, We listened’ campaign And companies talking about their Windows 7 experiences.

Office 2010 Escrow RTM Build & Windows 7 Build 7700 Screen Shots Surface

Screen shots of the leaked Windows 7 build 7700 and Office 2010 RTM Escrow build 14.0.4734.1000

[Update] OEMs Sticking To Windows XP For Netbooks This Holiday Season

Windows XP still the bundled OS on Netbooks by HP, Dell & ASUS. No Windows 7 yet.

Windows 7 Boot Animation Tech Specs & Initial Proof of Concept

Some technical details about the beautiful boot animation sequence in Windows 7. Duration, file types & how it’s executed.

[Wallpapers & Theme] High Res Rejected Windows 7 Artwork

High resolution images of the rejected Windows 7 artwork for wallpapers & login screen by Chuck Anderson of No Pattern.

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