Surface Is Shit, Ergo Microsoft Is Dead; Or Not

The talk about Microsoft’s death due to Surface’s shortcomings are premature.

Why I’m Not Going To Buy The Surface RT

The more I evaluate it, the less likely I become to invest $599 in Microsoft’s Surface.

8 Issues In Windows 8: Modern vs Desktop

Some Windows 8 UX quirks that should’ve been fixed for the final release.

Setting Up Windows 8 On A Mac

Own a MacBook & want to install Windows 8? Here’s how and what you should be doing.

Windows 8’s 4 Fundamental Changes

The removal of the Start button, the replacement of the Start Menu and the renaming of Windows Explorer are signs of a major underlying change in Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Surface—The First True Windows 8 Tablet

Here’s what the Surface means to Microsoft and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Here’s Some Stuff Windows 8 Borrowed From Windows Phone 7

The Windows division’s inspiration from Windows Phone 7 don’t just stop Metro, there’s functionality that Windows 8 will offer similar to Windows Phone.

BUILD 2011

Photographs and BUILD 2011 coverage links.

Windows 8 Boots Faster Than Windows Phone 7, Drops Boot Splash

Microsoft’s video shows Windows 8 booting faster than my Windows Phone 7.

Explorer and Ribbon

A breakdown of Explorer in Windows 8 and how Ribbon enhances usability compared to Windows 7 and Finder.

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