Explorer and Ribbon

A breakdown of Explorer in Windows 8 and how Ribbon enhances usability compared to Windows 7 and Finder.

The Third Windows

Windows Azure or the cloud computing OS is now the third Windows that will bring the enterprise and personal computing together.

How Deep Are Windows Live ID & Windows 8 Integrated

Two screenshots of Windows 8 shed light on the Windows Live ID integration in Windows 8. You cannot login into Windows 8 using Windows Live ID.

What’s With The Zune, Windows Live Rebranding?

Microsoft rebranding Zune as Windows Live, a theory on why it makes sense and how it is confusing.

After Windows 7, Windows Live Makes An Appearance On TV Shows

Windows Live Skydrive makes an appearance on Human Target S02E09 to help solve crimes.

[TNW] SkyDrive’s New Logo Says A Lot About The Service

Skydrive’s new logo of two clouds and a golden swish stands for the service being Microsoft’s consumer cloud.

Windows Live Display Driver Comes With Wave 4

Windows Live Wave 4 is set to install a driver named Windows Live Display Driver that is likely to replace the Mesh Remote Desktop Driver.

Windows Live Wave 4: Windows Live Mail Changes And New Features

Changes, improvements and new features in the recently leaked Windows Live Wave 4 Windows Live Mail.

Hotmail Sign-In Page Tweaked Ahead Of MIX10, Metro Inspired Look For Wave 4?

Hotmail’s sign in apge gets tweaked, Windows Live Wave 4 web apps to get segoe typography similar to Metro UI.

MIX10: HTML5 & IE9, Windows Phone 7 Series, Live Wave 4 And More

Some of the highlights to look forward to at Microsoft’s annual event. MIX10 happens in Vegas from the 15 to 17 March.

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