Glassy Notepad & Music Player

A transparent Notepad, Music Player & Explorer. Aero Notepad, Music Player & theme for Windows Vista.

Control Startup Programs In Vista With Windows Defender

Control & find information about startup programs with Windows Defender.

Windows Calendar Tricks (Live & Vista)

Sync your Live Calendar, Facebook events & birthdays with your Windows Calendar. Also, your Facebook events & birthdays with Live Calendar.

[Vista Tip] Free Some CPU Cycles & RAM

By changing Windows Module Installer trigger to manual one can free some RAM & save CPU cycles. Here’s what to do.

Protect Your Data From Prying Eyes

A tutorial to protect your computing activity and data. With this tutorial you can hide your data and clean the traces of your activities.

Create UAC White List

Tips on how to start programs with highest privileges bypassing the UAC prompt for those programs.