One Dock to Power the Work from Home Setup

My work from home setup is powered by a single dock that lets me switch between my work laptop, personal laptop and personal gaming desktop.

2021 ASUS G14 RTX 3060 Review: Good gaming laptop but heavy and poor battery

ASUS G14 RTX 3060 laptop is a good device but has several flaws such as weight, no camera, poor screen brightness, bad keyboard backlight. For the price, good value and future-proof for at least 4 to 5 years.

Entry-level Gaming Desktop: 12 Things I Learned Buying the HP Pavilion

Building an entry-level gaming desktop is a mixed bag. From GPU, CPU, product availability, OEM players, I learned a lot about the gaming market.

[TNW] Silverlight And The Future Of Windows

Windows and Microsoft’s future might depend on Silverlight’s adoption.

Some Of The Coolest Windows 7 Features Were Developed In India

The official version of the 7000 domino launch video talks about the Windows 7 features that were developed at Microsoft India, Hyderabad.

Patent Shows Windows 8 Interface Features?

Patent shows possible Windows 8 interface with new categories for data like Libraries and a rich feedback driven drag and drop interface.

Windows 7 Boot Animation Tech Specs & Initial Proof of Concept

Some technical details about the beautiful boot animation sequence in Windows 7. Duration, file types & how it’s executed.

Google To Hold Webcast On Chrome OS For Investors Today

Google to conduct a webcast on Chrome OS for its investors today.

Install WordPress On PC With Web Platform Installer

Install Wordpress or Drupal on your PC with Microsoft Web platform Installer.

Install MySQL & phpMyAdmin On Windows For IIS

Setting up MySQL server & phpMyAdmin on Windows running IIS 7 & WIndows 7. Works with Vista as well.

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