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From Patent To Product: 22 Months

Microsoft applied for a patent in 2010 and is expected to announce the product later this year. Continue reading

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The Post-PC PC Is The TV

Microsoft, Apple and Google are heading into the living room as users are buying laptops, tablets and phones instead of desktops. It’s the post-desktop era; not post-PC. Continue reading

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Windows Phone & Kinect—Tale of Microsoft’s 2 Apple-like Attempts

Tracing Microsoft’s success with the Kinect and comparing it to Windows Phone 7, Sony PlayStation, Apple’s iPhone and Android. Continue reading

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Microsoft India Shows The Kinect Experience For Diwali

Microsoft India demonstrates the Xbox Kinect at malls and is taking pre-orders. Continue reading

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Xbox 360 Controller To Feature Easy Wired/Wireless Mode Swap

A few months back Razer co-founder Min-Liang Tan visited Mumbai and showed us a few of his company’s products, he was particularly proud of the Razer Mamba. The Mamba was small in size and had two modes of operation – … Continue reading

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Xbox To Save Gamer’s Health Records And Tailor Gaming Experience Accordingly

According to an interesting patent application I came across, Microsoft plans to save its users health records so that it can customize the gaming experience accordingly. There have been several instances where continuous gaming has adversely affected physical and mental … Continue reading

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Xbox Live, TV, Bing Maps And SteveB At UW [Demo Videos]

Videos of the demos shown at Steve Ballmer’s Cloud webcast at Univeristy of Washington. Continue reading

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ZuneHD Games, Xbox 360 Gets Wireless N, Natal <$80 Comes In 2010

Microsoft releases 3D games for the Zune HD, Wireless N adapter for the Xbox 360 & Natal will be available from November 2010 for $80 Continue reading

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(Natal Like?) Motion Interaction Coming In Other Microsoft Products

Microsoft has job openings for Motion designers, Interaction designer & Industrial leads to develop user interaction models. Continue reading

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Use The Xbox 360 Controller To Control Your PC

Use your Xbox 360 Controller as a mouse & control your PC with it. Continue reading

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