HP 6516tx – The Computer Is Definitely Personal Again

My dad decided to buy a laptop and I suggested – The HP 6516TX, the specs of laptop are amazing on paper and for 58k it is definitely a good buy. First the machine core:

Widescreen 15″ – 1280×800 resolution
C2D 1.5 GHz
160 GB HDD
GeForce 8400 GS – 128 MB

Now some addons which are really cool multimedia features …

The Quickplay Controls …

These are touch sensitive tap-buttons which are quick and easy access to the QuickPlay Menu (quick Play is kinda HP’s Media Centre), then the keys have access to Play, Pause, Next, Previous and volume control.

The volume control is kinda cool – slide ur finger to the right the volume increases slide in the other direction volume decreases.

After that, this baby has a finger print scanner which allows you to lock the notebook to ur finger (this is really cool to play with, feels like MI-3).

There us a dual layer dvd writer (which I still have to try).

HDMI output port (another good feature I feel – future secure).

2 USB ports, 1 fire wire port, 1 external monitor connector, expandable slot, Memory card reader & a PCI-E slot if I’m not wrong.

Now the Wi-Fi and bluetooth features are also there and you have a slider which allows u to turn on or off the wireless features.

The mouse pad has a unique feature – it has a button which when you press the mouse pad is disabled – the clicks, scrolls and mouse is disabled.

Blue Neon Lights – this is something adds to the sex appeal of the notebook, the quickplay controls I was talking about earlier have this blue neon light glowing below them, the charger input on the right has a circular light surrounding the slot where you connect the charger.

Integrated Camera and mic and this my friends is the only drawback this machine has, the camera is a VGA camera, the mic has a good range you can comfortably sit and speak, the mic will clearly receive what you aer saying.

WEI is 3.1 courtesy to the 8400GS and after running Windows Upgrade, the score increased to 3.4.

The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium and after using Vista Ultimate on 512 MB and then on 2 GB is an amazing feeling Vista really comes to life working on this laptop.

Now comes my personal favorite the Multimedia Remote – Yes, I have access to complete multimedia features in my palm! The remote is filled with features, it is black and gray, has all buttons in black except the Windows Media Centre launcher which is in Green and the remote looks kick a$$ ’cause of this green button, the remote can launch quickplay menu, Windows Media Center, 1 can browse, play, pause from the remote, the remote also has the shut down button, hit it – the baby hibernates and hit it again the monster awakens (hit the button when machine is off it springs back to action).

It also has 2 headset connectors for comfortable hearing while sitting with someone (no more ear-phones falling when your partner moves) and a mic connector in the front.