Work from home laptop productivity accessories

Work from home started like a fantastic change of pace. I didn’t have to take early morning flights, I could be in comfort clothes, slide into bed when I wanted to, binge TV whenever I wanted to, work from my bed or couch — all these amazing comforts… And then suddenly within two weeks, every week felt like one looooong Monday. There is no difference between work hours and off-work hours. All of this coupled with laptops that overheat and video Teams call, having the laptop on the lap was becoming very uncomfortable, the laptop on bed would get very hot because the vents were would get blocked.

I also don’t like to sit at one place, maybe a personality thing, so I needed something that would be very comfortable on my lap, keep my laptop cool, and held my phone. This is what I found:

work from home laptop phone stand

work from home laptop burn solution

The Targus dual-fan lap pad is amazing, this is specifically designed to keep on the lap unlike other laptop coolers that aren’t designed with this in mind. Here’s what I like about it:

  • It’s light weight
  • The design has a gap between the fan and the base so the fans don’t direct heat on your thighs
  • It has 2 fans so helps with laptop cooling
  • It’s really comfortable on the thighs

The phone clip makes it easy to use my phone as a screen while both my hands are free to operate the laptop. I can check some Teams stuff, often I use the phone as my video calling device.