iPod Docking Station (i-station 9)

Having no proper music system but having an iPod made total sense in buying a docking station that would play my iPod aloud and so today I got an iPod docking station for my 30 gig 5G iPod. After a look at the products available in the market I decided to settle for the logic 3 i-station9 as it appeared to be the best VFM product in the market.
This set my father back by Rs. 5100/- unfortunately available without bill. Its does seem to be a nice product to use. Following are the reasons as to why I bought it.
  1. Decent Sound (very good for 1 room, that’s what its meant for)
  2. FM (with 6 presets)
  3. Remote Control (Not very powerful, has a limited range and works when held right in front of the receptor).
  4. Large LCD Display.
  5. Time and Alarm clock (I can set the iPod to start playing as my alarm, it also has a snooze button).
  6. Can connect the iPod through the dock to the PC using the cable bundled with the iPod.
  7. It gives the docks for almost every iPod available till date.
  8. Can work with batteries (4 AA) or ac power.