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iPod Power User Guide – Part 2

Useful guide for iPod users to customize their iPods, hack the iPod, make better use of it, lyrics integration, integrate lyrics with itunes.

iPod Power User Guide – Part 1

Part 1 of a power guide for iPod users, telling them how to make efficient use of the ipod, back up, copy songs,maintain the library etc.

Hybrid Re-Touched

A theme for your 5G iPod, this theme makes your iPod look like the 6G Classic+iPod Touch, it’s a hybrid theme integrating the best of the 6g & iPod Touch.

iPod Docking Station (i-station 9)

Having no proper music system but having an iPod made total sense in buying a docking station that would play my iPod aloud and so today I got an iPod docking station for my 30 gig 5G iPod. After a look at the products available in the market I decided to settle for the logic…

i Own An iPod

A 10 point review of the 5g 30GB iPod which was gifted to me by my father.