Of Apple, iPhone & The Truth

My friends are well aware of my love for Apple & it’s products, yeah it’s intense! Dad recently paid $600 (~29,640 INR) for the Jesus phone aka iPhone. Before owning the iPhone there were things that I didn’t know about it and honestly things that quite surprised me considering it was an Apple product. I was gifted an iPod, though no matter how it has helped me, I still find it behind the Zune. Coming to some facts that no one will tell you about the iPhone –

  • After-sales Service:

The day dad bought it I read a tweet wherein Vodafone asked for 13,000 INR to fix up a fallen Sleep button, still under warranty; whatever that is. 13k for fixing a God damn button! Now, this is when I was enlightened to that, for the iPhone it’s NOT Apple that provides you after-sales service, it’s the stupid operator. Without getting into how retarded the guys at the operator help-desk are, it is surprising that Apple has out-sourced ‘collection’ of crapped up iPhones.

  • The Contents:

A pair of ear-phones, wall-charger & a USB cable. I got the ear-phones & the USB cable with the iPod too and this when I realized 2 things:

USB Cable: Take a look at these images,

The iPod cable The iPhone cable
iPod cable iPhone cable
  1. There is an Apple logo on the USB end, which is not on the the cable provided with the iPhone.
  2. The other end is bigger with press-buttons to release, which again is not on the iPhone cable. Here is the thing, the iPhone cable is stupid; I got to friggin’ wrestle with it to release the iPhone.
  3. The 2 pieces on the top – covers for the 2 ends. Again, not with the iPhone.


Along with the iPod I got ear-phone covers, which look like this:

iPod ear-phone cover

(Hey pervert, they are not condoms.)

I actually love these and surprise surprise, they ain’t shipped with the iPhone,

  • The iPhone itself:

Take a look at the bottom end of the iPhone and you shall see 2 screws. This was a Holy Cow! moment. I searched all over the iPod and did not find a single screw starring at my face.

The battery is pathetic. It is horrible on the 3G. The damn thing doesn’t even run for 8 hours on a full charge with Wi-Fi off. Dad’s already fuming at the battery life.

Off course this post will be rubbished off by the Macboys as a rant, but they should sit back and think. The Apple logo on the cable, service not from Apple directly. Bad signs, Apple is losing it’s niche. Premium product, I don’t think so.

But hey it’s still a crApple product.