My first Apple product, like all, I too have been mesmerized by Apple’s products and did not know much about them cause I never owned 1, but this birthday my dad told my uniPod imagecle who was visiting Japan to get me an Apple iPod and he did!

He got me a 30 GB video iPod in Black (I prefer my gadgets to be black rather than white – white gets dirty too soon).

First impression – the box itself looks simply stunning, the iPod is a killer in looks no doubt about it. Plugged it to the comp, installed iTunes from the bundled disc,it took me some time to get it registered on, once that was done I started transferring my songs to the iPod, here I realized that iTunes was creating duplicate copies of my songs in a folder on my disc so I canceled it and snooped around iTunes settings to figure a way out and I did (I’m a g33k). That was done I transferred my songs to the iPod and here is what I felt about the iPod:

  1. The scroll wheel is just too good – it is by the far the best navigation method (other than touch) that I have come across.
  2. The games are good (know your music 1 is good).
  3. Display is very rich.
  4. No folder management.
  5. If the tags of your songs are not maintained don’t transfer them …. its gonna be a headache for you to browse from them.
  6. You can create playlists add/remove songs from the playlist from the iPod itself.
  7. A very poor battery life (only 2 hours in most cases), any Bollywood movie is not meant to be seen on the iPod.
  8. No background images.
  9. If you have bought the iPod that shows photos, your images will take almost double the space of what they take on your HDD.
  10. Apple does not provide a bundled ac adapter, buy it on your own and Apple’s own USB Wall Charger costs a bomb – Rs. 3000/-.