Apple’s Private Social Network

Individual components that work between the phone and PC have led to Apple inadvertently creating a private social network for each user.

iPhone User’s Opinion After Trying WP7

An iPhone user writes about his first attempt at WP7.

Where’s The Mobile Market Headed?

A quick look at the offerings and the market stats as of now.

What’s Inside The iPhone 4

Here are some images shown at WWDC 2010 that show us what is where inside the new iPhone 4.

Apple Patent Explains Shopping, Financing And Payment App For The iPhone

Apple patent shows iPhone as a mode for making payments and financial transactions with a Shopping app that has financing and payments.

Some Thoughts On Thoughts About Windows Phone 7 Series

Some thoughts on Windows Phone 7 Series platform and comments made by Mozilla, John Gruber about copy/paste in Windows phone and the iPhone 4 OS

Apple Patent Shows NFC Module In iPhone. Unlock PCs & Doors Using iPhone

Apple patent reveals NFC module to unlock PCs and doors.

Apple Patent Shows New iPhone OS UI & Contacts On Home Screen

Apple patent shows next gen iPhone OS UI, contacts coming to home screen and contact screen getting more options.

Me: iPhone 3.0. Apple Servers: brb.

Apple releases iPhone 3.0 but servers are down & Find My Phone is useless.

First Look – Seadragon On iPhone

A quick look at Microsoft’s first offering for the iPhone- Seadragon.

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