Me: iPhone 3.0. Apple Servers: brb.

Apple re-announced the iPhone 3.0 at WWDC ‘09 & it became available today, I usually don’t go for the gold-rush & am rather cool with waiting for a day or 2 before updating something, I for some reason decided to update dad’s iPhone to 3.0 immediately on release. The download was successful only to be greeted with this:

Two observations here:

  1. The outage was for almost an hour & no major tech site covered it (this article was supposed to be published 5 hours ago, but I fell asleep). Except for Giz who had it this at that time. Now compare this to what happened when Microsoft released Windows 7 Beta & RC.
  2. Secondly, this is Apple’s hattrick when it comes to Activation Server going down on update release.

Oh well. Anyway after a long time of trying, the update did run successfully unlike my experience with Sony Ericsson’s update service. I tried out Find My iPhone & here’s what I found:

  1. The “Display Message” appears instantly on the iPhone.
  2. Mapping of the phone sucks (at least in India), here’s a screen shot:

This circle has a radius of almost 10-12 minutes walking distance. And I’ve marked where the phone is, ie. where I am. Not impressed one bit.