WWDC ‘09 Round-Up. Fact & Fiction

Cheaper iPhone & Macs announced. I thought quality came at a premium? Wonder if some company’s advertising had anything to do with it?

Mabooks get Firewire 800 ports. Wait … didn’t Apple remove them earlier?

iPhone now at $99, $199 & $299. ah! In your dreams!

iPhone to get Cut/Copy/Paste. Innovation FTW!

iPhone has ‘Find My Phone’. You’ll need to get MobileMe for that.

Find My Phone’ has Remote Wipe. No. This wasn’t copied from anyone.

iPhone 3G[S] does Video Recording & responds to voice commands. No phone has done this before. Even previous iPhone iterations can’t. Apple #WIN!

iPhone 3G[S] has a Compass app. Cool! ‘Find my Phone’ if the phone gets lost & Compass if you get lost. Sweet!

Snow Leopard is faster than Leopard. I thought newer versions need to be slow. :|

Snow Leopard has a better dock. You can now preview videos in the dock. It’s all about innovation err… wait, I meant inspiration.

Snow Leopard not for PowerPC. Not available for pre-2006 PCs, sad. That other OS even brings junk to life!

Safari has a new feature. Again, not influenced at all.

Safari is the world’s fastest browser. Sure!

Other than this, Scott Forstall was tricked into doing the most boring part of the keynote yet again. Steve Jobs didn’t show up as predicted.