Windows Phone 7 NYC Launch Highlights

Steve B’s keynote, Windows Phone 7 devices and a fun time with a lot of people I’ve been reading for years!

3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan 2010 – Month Of The Nerds

A month filled with interesting announcements from the world of technology. Microsoft at CES 2010, Google’s Android powered Nexus One, Apple tablet PC.

WWDC ‘09 Round-Up. Fact & Fiction

Round up of Apple’s WWDC 2009.

AMD & ATi Won Our Hearts Again

AMD brings gaming machines to our college for a gaming event of CoD4.

.Net & Windows 7 Sessions By Microsoft In Mumbai

Session by Microsoft on .Net (WPF) & Windows 7 in Mumbai on 23rd March.

reacTable – Surface For Musicians

A Microsoft Surface like table for DJs.

MS Surface Surfaces In India

Images from the first public appearance of Microsoft Surface in India.

1 Gadget-Release Filled Week

Some big announcements of CES 2009 by Microsoft, Sony & Palm. Macworld 09 announcements. mesh winning the Crunchies award & nokia launching the 5800 XM. All in 1 week.

Windows Calendar Tricks (Live & Vista)

Sync your Live Calendar, Facebook events & birthdays with your Windows Calendar. Also, your Facebook events & birthdays with Live Calendar.

Download Windows Vista Live Event Held On 5th & 6th June 08

For those who missed the Windows Vista Live event or did not know about it. Download links of the session recordings.