3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan 2010 – Month Of The Nerds

About 12 months ago I did a post where I listed 3 events to look forward in January 2009. I stated that the events were to define 2009, very much so. What followed was a gadget-release filled week with new Macs, Dell Adamo, Windows 7 Beta, Palm Pre, Sony Vaio and a host of other announcements. January 2010 is going to top it. Take my word for it. If the speculated 3rd event happens, this might be the month filled with multiple nerdgasms. Don’t remember when was the last time I was so excited.

First up:

Google’s Android Press Conference – January 5th

From a search engine to an OS company, Google is now venturing into the world of hardware with a Google branded phone. The Nexus One as it is called is being done by HTC & Google, will be sold by T-Mobile. Rumors of Microsoft coming out with their own Windows branded phone have been around for a while but that won’t be happening till Windows Mobile 7 comes out. It seems that Google was inspired by this thought. The folks at Engadget got an invite to an Android Press Conference for the 5th of January, from Google.

This invite has come within an hour of an internal T-Mobile memo leak that detailed the Google Nexus One. Adding the two the only conclusion that can be made is that Google will be announcing the Nexus One on the 5th.

Nexus One tech specs are:

  • Qualcomm QSD 8250 – 1GHz
  • Android 2.1
  • 5 MP camera with flash
  • 3G, Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n)
  • 3.7” screen
  • RAM same as my dead desktop – 512M
  • Trackball
  • 3.5mm jack

[courtesy Engadget]

What makes this event very interesting is that Google has scheduled it two days before one of the biggest annual expos – CES 2010, which is to host a keynote by Microsoft & will have a wide variety gadget announcements.


Consumer Electronic Show – CES 2010: 7th to 10th January

The world’s biggest consumer electronic brands showcase their upcoming products for the next year and the biggest highlight of the event is the keynote by Microsoft, since last year has been delivered by Steve Ballmer. From what my intuition says the focus will be on the cloud and the small screen, bringing them together.

Along with it I’m guessing that there will be some announcements regarding Bing and since Microsoft Automobile division is an exhibitor, chances are Bing Maps coming to the Microsoft Auto platform.

Microsoft might also announce the ZuneHD being available outside the US of A. If we are lucky, Windows Mobile 7 might show itself & if the technology world is lucky, Microsoft might pull another Natal-like announcement/demo and show us their tablet computing device.

But that’s just wishful thinking. What will definitely be on display is Notion Ink’s Adam tablet computer that runs on Android. HP might be show the Envy 14 & Envy 17. While I was typing the post, news of a full-colored eBook reader by Paradigm Shift will be demoed at CES2010 came in. The specs are:

  • 5” & 7” model
  • 1GB internal memory with a SD card slot
  • Support for TXT, DOC, PDF etc.
  • 7” model to run on Windows CE with support for Office document, Flash video, AAC & MP3 audio


Apple Event – 26th January

We come to the next event which has not been confirmed by the people who’ll be doing it. The rumors are that they might either announce a tablet PC or an ebook reader. No one knows. But something will be announced.

Apple decided to pull out of Macworld, what used to be the most-awaited event on Apple’s calendar is now just an exhibition without Apple. The reason given was that Apple had to stick to Macworld’s deadlines which was a hassle, instead they wanted to announce products when they were ready with them. Apparently, it seems that this year Apple is ready with a product right around the time when Macworld used to be held. Anyway, according to Financial Times, Apple has rented a stage and is expected to make some announcements. The rumor mills have been abuzz with Apple’s next product – the tablet PC. More recently the speculation states that the rumored Apple product is not a tablet but an eBook reader. Just that? Disappointing if you ask me. With the flurry of news around the Apple tablet and Apple’s inability in keeping a lid on leaks, chances are the new Apple Tablet PC – iSlate or the ebook reader – iGuide might be announced on the 26th.

Another possible announcement is Apple signing a deal with major production houses for subscription based television service on their Apple TV & iTunes store.

Not to mention, the month is filled with more excitement. While I’ll be attending the above events virtually, two events that I’m looking forward to in India that I will definitely be attending are:

  1. The South-Asia MVPOpenDay to be hosted at Microsoft India’s Hyderabad campus – 20th to 23rd January
  2. The New Efficiency Bombay launch – 26th January

January 2010 might just turn out to be the best month in a long long time. :)