[Update] Tablet Battle: iPad vs JooJoo vs Dell Streak vs Archos 9 vs Notion Ink Adam

Bill Gates has been saying that Tablet PCs are the future for quite a while, Microsoft tried its hands but wasn’t able to come up with something spectacular, which might change with the Courier aka Codex. If Netbooks defined the last 3 years of this decade, Tablet PCs will define the beginning of the next.

While everyone is talking about the christening of the rumored Apple Tablet, my cousin kept harassing me to compare the so far known Tablets, I kept pushing it but since I had nothing to do I thought of putting together a chart. I’ve compared:

  1. iSlate – Apple’s rumored tablet PC & all information about it is based on well… rumors.
    iPad – Apple’s foray into tablet computing with a glorified ebook reader that does multimedia as well. An ebook store – iBook and support for all existing iPhone/iPod apps at a rather low price.
  2. Chandra’s JooJoo – seriously, what a shit name. CrunchPad sounded good.
  3. Notion Ink – On the Inter tubes for a week and it seems a lot better than the JooJoo.
  4. Dell Streak – all technical specs aren’t available but what’s on the Inter tubes seems solid.
  5. Archos 5 – it sucks if you ask me. I don’t know why I even put it here.
    Archos 9 – looks don’t impress but with Windows 7, a Ctrl+Alt+Delete option and capability to run Office apps, it sure is a feature-rich tablet.

So here’s the chart I put together and I shall be updating it as & when more information comes I can:

Tablet PC comparison JooJoo vs Apple iPad vs Dell Streak vs Notion Ink vs Archos 9

PS: Fellow blogger Taimur at RedmondPie has done some detailed spec comparisons of Google’s upcoming Nexus One.