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There Is No Post-PC Era

Gartenberg backs Steve Jobs’ marketing claim of a post-PC era. I say there’s none. The PC is still the same, does the same but we interact differently. Continue reading

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Microsoft Patent Reveals Weird Touch Keyboard Layout For Slate PCs

Patent application from Microsoft shows an alternative layout of a touch keyboard that does not require a stylus. Continue reading

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Windows 8 Might Achieve The Elusive Instant-ON

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Windows 8 To Feature Attention Tracking. Minimum Hardware Specs For Tablets Leaked

As I said in the last post, Microsoft plans to use the Windows Phone 7 strategy for the tablet segment as well. For the tablets, Microsoft might define the hardware specifications like in the case of WP7. The leaked documents give … Continue reading

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Microsoft Patent Explains Tablet Courier’s Context Menu?

Patent explains the radial context menu as seen in Microsoft Courier’s promotional demo UI videos. The context menu is designed to suit touch interfaces by showing the frequently used options more prominently for quick access. Continue reading

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[Video] Microsoft Courier UI Demo-ed At MIX10? Project Gustav?

Microsoft NUI guru Bill Buxton demonstrated what looks like Microsoft’s Courier tablet PC’s User Interface in action. Continue reading

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3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan 2010 – Month Of The Nerds

A month filled with interesting announcements from the world of technology. Microsoft at CES 2010, Google’s Android powered Nexus One, Apple tablet PC. Continue reading

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[Update] Tablet Battle: iPad vs JooJoo vs Dell Streak vs Archos 9 vs Notion Ink Adam

A comparison chart of the Tabler PCs – Apple’s tablet iSlate, Fusion Garage and Chandra’s – JooJoo, Dell Streak, Notion Ink’s Adam and Archos 9. Continue reading

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Codex Team Does Refer To Apple’s Knowledge Navigator As A Reference

Apple’s Knowledge Navigator was indeed an inspiration for the Codex. Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Tablet PC Prototype In Action! [Images & Video]

video and images of Microsoft Tablert PC Courier’s prototype named Codex. Continue reading

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