Entry-level Gaming Desktop: 12 Things I Learned Buying the HP Pavilion

Building an entry-level gaming desktop is a mixed bag. From GPU, CPU, product availability, OEM players, I learned a lot about the gaming market.

Surface Pro 2017: Work in Progress Validation of Microsoft’s Vision

Manan’s review of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2017 after using it for a month

The Microsoft Band Will Eventually Be Disbanded

A separate health band won’t be a category soon, Microsoft won’t get partners to license the Band software. It’s game over for the Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band: The Polished Prototype

Microsoft Band, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

3 Things Cortana Can Do Better

Cortana seems like a winner, I wish it actually made me feel like I had an assistant.

Xbox LIVE Gold: A Waste of Money

Google Chromecast is more value for money than Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

The Xbox Mobile

Microsoft has an Xbox mobile device that maps the real Xbox controller on the touch screen.

Microsoft’s Continued State of Mobile Oblivion

While Apple & Google perfect the phones of the future, MSFT doesn’t know its OS’s future.

Xbox LIVE Gold: Microsoft’s Barrier To Living Room Dominance

Xbox LIVE Gold subscription is a barrier Microsoft needs to break.

Microsoft Patent Reveals User Behavior Based Battery Saving

Microsoft battery patent shows by observing a user’s charging and phone use behavior Microsoft hopes to extend battery life.

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