Windows 8 To Feature Attention Tracking. Minimum Hardware Specs For Tablets Leaked

As I said in the last post, Microsoft plans to use the Windows Phone 7 strategy for the tablet segment as well. For the tablets, Microsoft might define the hardware specifications like in the case of WP7. The leaked documents give us a rough idea of the requirements:

  • 9” diagonally (not mentionedx768 px)
  • Direct X accelerated GPU
  • Automatic screen orientation
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor with adaptive brightness
  • GPS
  • Wireless LAN and mobile broadband radio
  • camera for face-recog based log-in and social networking

The interesting addition to Windows 8 for tablets is a feature Microsoft calls – Attention Tracking. Think if you’re playing a game and someone disturbs you, today, we curse the hell outta that person. But, Microsoft has a solution. If the device notices you moving your head away from the device, the game will be paused. How cool is that!

Some more coming up.