Unified Services: Microsoft vs Apple

At WPC 2011, Microsoft talked about their strategies and differences in ecosystem with Apple.

Does iPhone OS 4 Violate Patent Filed By Microsoft?

Looks like Apple is offering a feature for enterprises that Microsoft has applied a patent for.

3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan 2010 – Month Of The Nerds

A month filled with interesting announcements from the world of technology. Microsoft at CES 2010, Google’s Android powered Nexus One, Apple tablet PC.

Codex Team Does Refer To Apple’s Knowledge Navigator As A Reference

Apple’s Knowledge Navigator was indeed an inspiration for the Codex.

Zune 4 & Zune HD vs iTunes 9 & iPod Touch

Comparison between iPod Touch 3 & Zune HD. Screenshot comparison between iTunes 9 & Zune 4.

WWDC ‘09 Round-Up. Fact & Fiction

Round up of Apple’s WWDC 2009.

My First Podcast – The Ultimate OS X vs Windows Debate

OS X vs Windows Podcast, I take on the guys behind smokingapples.