3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan ’09

After a rather dull past weeks in the world of technology, January is going to give the tech world a lot to chew on. The big events & some news that lead to them have already given us a glimpse of what to look forward to. 3 particular events that will define the way 2009 goes are:

  • Macworld Expo 2009 [5th – 9th January]

Apple’s last time at the event, no Steve Jobs for the keynote, Macworld Expo 2009 is off on the wrong foot. Analysts have termed as Apple’s back out “not surprising” but for many tech enthusiasts (me included) Steve Jobs’ keynote will be sorely missed. Here’s hoping that the old man gets back to good health & kicking butt. Yes, I want him doing what he does best.

Coming to possible announcements at Macworld, a revamped Mac Mini is what seems imminent, iWork & iMovie going to the clouds is highly possible.

iPhone Nano seems a dumb idea & so does the larger screen iPod Touch. Other rumor doing rounds is a Mac Netbook, something I find that will happen in due time if not at Macworld ‘09.

You can follow the event happenings in real time on Smoking Apples.

  • Microsoft Pink Slips

Blogs are abuzz with news that Microsoft will probably be handing pink slips to almost 15k of it’s work force in Jan ‘09. There are 2 things I need to point here,

1 is that this move would be a PR disaster right before Windows 7. So far, Windows & Microsoft have been making the right noises, people are loving Windows 7 and giving pink slips at this time is a totally avoidable news highlight.

Funny thing is that, there has been no official statement declining the rumors, adding fuel to fire.

Secondly, I don’t think it’s going to be a 15k cut, the rumors are 15k but, Microsoft if they do, will fire a lesser amount as a strategically planned move which would result in the tech world cutting them some slack.I think you get my point.

Personally, I’d like to see, Ballmer do his trademark power-pact entry and say, “I love this company & you’re fired!” That’d make for some super LOL!

The pink slips will stand for a much bigger problem, that’s not only affecting Microsoft but the whole world & from what I’ve been hearing, 2009 is not going to be 1 of the best years for any industry.

  • CES 2009 [8th – 11th January]

If Apple’s keynote was Macworld’s thing, keynote by Bill Gates was the CES thing. Gates retired, Ballmer takes over. This year’s keynote will be given by Steve Ballmer and from what I feel, Windows 7 Beta will be made public at CES (not that it’s not already in our hands).

Possible announcements on the Zune platform & Win Mo 6.5, I predict. Live stream of CES 2009, Ballmer’s keynote can be got here:

Low (100k) | Medium (300k) | High (750k)

The best part about CES is that, it is not Microsoft only. Consumer Electronics Show will be showcasing a lot of other technology, for example – USB 3.0 standard & possibly devices will be unveiled (acc. to Tech2.com). So CES is something that holds interests for any tech enthusiast & not only for people following Microsoft.

I’m hoping that Sony will divulge on their Sony Vaio P at CES. I’ve got a feeling that there will be a few announcements regarding Android phones too.


PS: Do let me know if there are any other events that are happening or anything about these events.