1 Gadget-Release Filled Week

Here are some highlights of what all can be done in 1 week during recession:

  1. My LAN cable breaks, no proper internet – WTF!
  2. Picasa for OS X releasedAnyone other than reviewers trying it?
  3. iWork 09; iLife 09 AnnouncedSo? That was my first reaction too. :P
  4. New 17″ Macbooks LaunchedPrice? Don’t bother.
  5. iWork Goes OnlineSaw what you can do long ago … in the form of MS Office Live.
  6. iTunes goes DRM-free for a price – New way to rip customers.
  7. Dell Adamo DisplayedPronounced uh-damn-ho. More than the name the pronunciation makes sense. MBA competitor.
  8. Windows 7 beta goes public, people go crazy, servers go down – Talk about Linux or OS X taking over!
  9. Palm Pre, iPhone killer revealed Another one? Palm Pre? Pre to what? I got it! Pre to the next iPhone killer!
  10. Sony Vaio P RevealedCosts more than HCL netbook & EeePC put together!
  11. Chrome 2 Pre-beta OutYeah whatever!
  12. Live Mesh Wins the Crunchies Hoorah!
  13. Nokia 5800 XM Officially Launched in India iPhone killer Pre to the Palm Pre
  14. Google Changes it’s Favicon – Obtrusive & ugly! Louie Mantia at the age of 4 would’ve done better.

Of course there were quite a few other announcements. All this and I pretty much missed all the live action. Talk about bad luck. Unfortunately throughout the whole week, there was no nerdgasm moment.

Anyway, I’m off for my college Ind. Visit & plan to have some good fun. See ya around.