AMD & ATi Won Our Hearts Again

amd ati

For those who know & those who don’t we had AMD+ATi do a special fully sponsored gaming event at our college some months back. Though they had stopped such promotion, having some good relations with the guys we were able to get them back and what followed was a power-packed exhilarating 2 days of pure multi-player gaming experience. It all started with the visit to the AMD office to collect the 11 PCs (10 gaming Ventos & 1 SLI-ed server)

We had the distinct privilege of touching & getting ourselves clicked with a GPU worth 1.5L Indian Rupees & that baby would even smoke Pamela Anderson! The GPU in question is the ATi FireGL V8650 (2GB memory and stereoscopic 3D display)! :O Feeling this beauty in my hand gave me multiple nerdgasms! Here are some pics with the celebrity GPU:

ati Firegl v8650

ati firegl v8650

The first night was spent unpacking & setting up the machines, unfortunately we didn’t have the extension boards to power them up, so we had to wait until dawn the next day. Once done, it fragging time & boy did we not have fun! The event had some of Bombay’s best CoD 4 gamers turn up. Unlike the last time where AMD readily sponsored the GPUs as prizes, this time there was nothing as such. Even in the 2 days that the machines were there all of us had our share of frag-fun.

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PS: For the machine configuration etc. refer to the link in the first line :)