AMD+ATI+CoD4=Gaming Heaven

Been sometime since I blogged & I have good reasons to be away. Our college fest was happening and we had LAN gaming, a friend of ours knew a guy at AMD who wanted to setup a gaming arena in our college. This was some jaw dropping stuff from AMD+ATI.

The guy came in with 10 machines, CPUs smoking red with insides totally pimped out. I have never seen a processor heat sink of that size; headphones worth 4,000/- each. Prizes were such that anyone’s jaws would drop on hearing. The whole thing sponsored by AMD – the prizes; the equipment transportation, everything (my college loves such sponsors). Add to all this a 42″ LCD with huge speakers for spectators and losers to see.

The game was CoD4, something I have not even bothered finding anything about simply because my computer’s not worth it. With somewhere around 3GB RAM in each machine running XP, I sat with the 4k headphones on my head and played CoD4 for the first time (played CoD2 before). The game was pretty much on highest graphic settings and 8 players at one time with NO LAG at all!

NOTE: I did not get a lot of details as I had to manage a lot of stuff, but I will be meeting the guy from AMD sometime soon and will get you the exact details of the comp configs.

The graphics were stunning, if there is a game I am a fan of, it’s gotta be Call of Duty 4. The sounds; the graphics; the effects & most of all the weapons. Super stuff! Screw Counter Strike. Counter Strike vs CoD4 is like NFS II SE vs NFS Most Wanted. I’m so tired that I am not able to think of words to describe the event. being event head we had the ability to play as much we wanted to whenever we got time, off-course when AMD came, we left everything else in the hands of the ever-supportive juniors and were in the completely air-conditioned CoD4 hall – that’s what it is now known as – The CoD4 hall.

Check out some images here.

The prizes for the CoD4 competition were:

1st – ATI 3850 (worth ~12k ~8k)

2nd -2×3450 (total worth ~6k)

On display were 4870s; 4850s; 38xx series and the new economy cards – 3450, which sound really promising.

PS: Looks like AMD is going on a massive publicity drive here in India as after talking to the guys from AMD (Country Manager & Senior Sales Manager) they have bigger plans, oh & BTW I have already booked these guys for our next college event after 3 months.

UPDATE: The configurations of the machines that came:

  • AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+ operating at 3GHz
  • Special 5 Copper heat pipe CPU Cooler
  • AMD 780G Chipset ATX motherboard
  • ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB DDR4 special over clock edition graphics card.
  • 2GB DDR2 HyperX Memory operating at 800MHz
  • 250GB HDD operating at 7200RPM
  • 20X DVD RW with Light Scribe
  • 500 watts PSU with shielded cables.
  • Gaming Chassis with magic mask.
  • 19″ LCD Monitor
  • Steel Series Keyboard, Headphones and Mouse Pad
  • Microsoft Mouse