Windows Phone 7 NYC Launch Highlights

I was at the New york City Steve Ballmer keynote for the launch of Windows Phone 7. Class bunked, a 5 hour bus journey starting at 3AM, the day at the event and a 5 hour bus ride back the same day. For a Microsoft enthusiast, the only big news was Copy/Paste coming in 2011, other than that I got to meet a lot of people I’ve been reading for the past few years.

Engadget’s Nilay Patel, Joshua Topolsky and Paul Miller, WinSuperSite’s Paul Thurrott, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Adam and Brandon from PocketNow, CNet’s Ina Fried and John from Techno Buffalo. As I kept updating the event over twitter, here are some of the highlights of the event:

My picture set:

Hands-on videos of the phones on display:

My favorite phone that I won’t be buying, the HTC HD7:

As to why I won’t be buying, the phone will be available on TMob and several friends have advised me against TMob.

The rest of the HTC line up in one video. The Surround, Trophy and Mozart:

The Samsung Focus, I gotta play NFS Underground on it and it was fun:

AT&T U-Verse and Maps on the LG Quantum:

Dell’s Venue Pro:

I tweeted using most of the handsets I played with taking at least one random picture. Here’s a list:

PS: Thanks to the folks at Zune, I got a one month Zune Pass subscription free which I intend to use once I get my WP7 device. Other then that all the attendees got was a cookie and a card with a URL to the press kit.