What’s Inside The iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Manufacturing

One of the most important ritual when a new gadget comes out is, iFixIt doing a teardown. Apparently, Jobs decided to show everyone what’s inside the new iPhone 4 before iFixIt did. The new iPhone 4 has two engineering marvels in it – a Gyroscope and the stainless steel body being used as antennas. Here are a couple of images from today’s keynote that shows you the insides of the iPhone 4.

The insides of the iPhone 4:

iPhone 4 Interior

NOTE: I’ve edited this image in Photoshop, combining two Engadget images.

The body:

iPhone 4 Body

The radio antennas are the grooves:

Placing of the various antennas: (The WiFi is now 802.11n)

The sensors inside the iPhone 4:

The other new addition is the display. The new 3.5” IPS panel boasts of:

  • 326 pixels per inch
  • 960×640 pixels
  • 800:1 contrast ratio

The outside remains pretty much the same, except another Mic being added to the top, a front-facing camera and a flash at the back for the camera which is now a 5 megapixel cam. The new cam also does HD video recordings.

Information courtesy Engadget and GDGT’s live blog.

Here’s Gizmodo’s pre-WWDC tear down.

Update: Some images replaced with high quality ones from the iPhone 4 Design video.