Zune Finally Goes 1 Up On iPods

Ever since the Zune has been out, it has been playing follow the leader with nothing in it that sets it apart from the iPods. Pretty much so. But, according to reports this is about to change. Despite having the biggest online retail store and a niche computing environment in form of Macs, Apple still did not put in a feature that many like me would say was stupid even after coming out with a product like the iPod Touch – Wireless Sync.

For me that’s absolutely stupid when you come up with a device which has Wi-Fi and you’re considered on top of the innovation list, how can you not have this feature? Even after coming up with the “most innovative phone” Apple missed this one.

Apple missed, Microsoft finally hit it. Even though the Zunes have had Wi-Fi capability since version 1, Wireless syncing is speculated to be introduced with the 3rd generation.

Wireless Sync:

The Zunes 3rd generation will now allow you to remotely sync your Zunes with your PCs over your home wireless network. Sweet!

Now here is where Microsoft goes further ahead of the iPods.

Buy from FM:

Steve Jobs possibly doesn’t listen to radio, but it seems Steve Ballmer does. Microsoft Zunes will now allow you to mark a song on FM and buy it later when you sync your Zune to the PC, friggin’ cool. Though it will not work in India, but it still is something cool. That’s implementing something and doing it right!

It goes beyond that.

Device to Cloud:

Now you can sync, buy and share music over the cloud! With the help of hot-spots, one can automatically update your collection, browse Zune Marketplace, refresh Channels, exchange favorites with friends, or buy songs you’ve tagged from your FM radio.

Besides these, the Zunes are expected to be now available in 120GB capacities also.

Finally! Microsoft has done what Apple missed, something Apple looked over in it’s sheer arrogance of having market numbers.

The announcements are expected tomorrow that is the 9th of September along with the news of their new range of computer mice. Apple has an even on the same day too. This is serious fun!

With inputs from SeattlePi.