Microsoft Wanted To Plug The Zune In Your Headphones

Someone at Microsoft wanted to build headphones that could house a Zune Nano.

Zune and Windows 8

A missing Zune icon on the music tile and a separate video tile. Phase-out of Zune imminent.

What’s With The Zune, Windows Live Rebranding?

Microsoft rebranding Zune as Windows Live, a theory on why it makes sense and how it is confusing.

[TNW] iTunes Ping, Game Center and Windows Phone 7

My thoughts on Apple iTunes Ping and Game Center and what they mean to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft Building The Next Zune Software “Ground Up”

Two job postings detail Microsoft’s plans for a rich user experience with respect to their 3 screens and the cloud strategy.

[Screenshots] WP7 Settings In Zune And My Phone Sync

Two more screen shots of Windows Phone 7 Settings in Zune. The second screen shots shows the phone’s available on (Microsoft) My Phone when not connected.

[Screenshots] Zune Desktop And Windows Phone 7 (Asus Galaxy6) Sync

Screenshots of the Zune desktop and Windows Phone 7 device sync.

Robbie Bach Hints At Zune Marketplace For Window Mobile

Robbie Bach confirms Zune Marketplace content to be available on Windows Mobile, in an interview.

Devs Coding Slick Homebrew Apps For The ZuneHD

ZuneHD has got potential for 3rd party apps if only Microsoft opened it up for them and sold the device in more countries.

Zune 4 & Zune HD vs iTunes 9 & iPod Touch

Comparison between iPod Touch 3 & Zune HD. Screenshot comparison between iTunes 9 & Zune 4.

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