[Screenshots] WP7 Settings In Zune And My Phone Sync

I posted a few screenshots of the Zune Desktop and Windows Phone 7 sync recently, here are two more.

I mentioned the Phone tab under Zune Desktop’s Settings, the options are the same as those when you connect a Zune HD but there is an additional option ‘Error Reporting’ which I assume is for the internal build only. Here is what it looks like:

The second screenshot, I’m not entirely sure about. It seems to be when a previously synced phone is disconnected. The phone image and name are both in white. Screenshot:

The interesting thing to note in this screen shot is “Online: my phone” with what seems to be a link pointing to phone’s data on Microsoft My Phone. Now this raises the question that if there is Windows Live id authentication why are contacts going and coming from My Phone instead of Windows Live contacts? Of course, the phrase “my phone” could be generic and has nothing to do with the My Phone service.

It’d be interesting to see what Microsoft plans to offer in Windows Live Wave 4 Sync for Windows Phone 7. My Phone already has bookmark sync, a Windows Live Sync feature noted by LiveSide today.