I hereby announce my first skin/theme for the iPod 5G Video
Update release January 10; Update Link and Info is available Below

First up a huge thanks to the creators of the touch hack – they have given my iPod a new lease of life.

Secondly my greatest regards to theislander for his help & permission for modifying his hybrid hack.

For all those who don’t know many months ago the iPod 6th Gen looks that is the split screen was imported to the iPod 5G & 5.5G by a group of geniuses.

If that wasn’t enough happiness they went a step further and successfully brought the iPod Touch icons and a similar dock to the 5 & 5.5G iPods.

As they creativity knows no limits 1 of the guys thought to do a hybrid version of the touch & classic he was in beta and still is however a genius by the alias theislander successfully brought that hack to life.

I have now modified theislander’s firmware with images and strings of my own liking (theislander himself helped me a lot).

Here is what the firmware will make your iPod look like:

The left image is of the Music Sub-Menu; the center image is of the Main Menu & the right image of the Now Playing Screen
This is only for 5G

A small FAQ for the guys new to this:

1. What does installing this do
This is like the firmware you get from apple; all you are doing is updating the firmware nothing else.

2. Will this is affect my Songs; Videos and other data on the iPod?
No. This will not affect anything, your songs; videos; contacts everything remains intact.

3. How different is this from Linux & Rockbox?
Very Different. Linux and Rockbox are totally different OSs for the iPod, whereas this 1 is the same Apple Firmware.

Now -How to install this:

Download iPodWizard – Download Page

First up we will backup your existing firmware:

1. Start iPW
2. In Edit Mode drop down at the top choose ‘iPod’
3. Press Load iPod Firmware on the side
4. Click on Updater which is next to Themes below
5. Press ‘Extract Firmware Binary from your iPod’
6. Choose a location and save
7. Wait

Download the Hybrid Re-Touched Firmware.

Now let us load the new firmware (back to iPW):

1. In Edit Mode drop down at the top choose ‘Firmware File’.
2. Press Open Firmware next to it.
3. Select the downloaded Firmware.
4. Wait.
5. Now press ‘Write To iPod’.
6. Read the Disclaimer & Instructions.
7. Once successfully prompted your done.
8. Safely remove your iPod and enjoy.

There are some images that need to be re-done in Photoshop so will keep on doing it and will release the resources only.

Hybrid Re-Touched v 1.1 Info & How-To

How to Update:

0. U need to have the hybrid re-touched hack installed on your iPod.
1. Connect iPod to computer.
2. Start iPW.
3. In Edit Mode drop down at the top choose ‘iPod’.
4. Press Load iPod Firmware on the side.
5. Now you should see a bluish image in the window below the ‘pictures’ tab.
6. On the right you should see ‘Load All’ Button.
7. Click it and direct it to the folder extracted from the zipped file.
8. Wait.
9. Press ‘Write’ at the top.
10. Done.

Edit: I just found that some one has made a video demo of the hack and has aptly named it New “ipod touch” BEST firmware for ipod 5G, thank you :D