Music In The Air. Quite Literally

This is a method which uses a cell phone and 2 softwares to make your PC into a real jukebox at your finger tips.

What it does?

It allows you to play music through your PC in your house any where & you can control what plays wirelessly and believe me it is helpful.

What you need?

  1. A PC.
  2. A s60 Cell Phone.
  3. A Bluetooth Dongle (100 meters).
  4. Radio Receivers.
  5. A Radio Transmitter.
  6. An Audio Splitter.
  7. Winamp 5 or above.
  8. Control Freak

Who does what?

All your songs are stored on your PC, Winamp is running on your PC.

Step 1:

Setup your Bluetooth dongle on your PC & pair your phone with it and set your PC as authorized, that is, it will automatically connect your PC and phone without asking for your confirmation.

Step 2:

Open Winamp and search all your songs through your media library in other words update your library also the folders you choose, set them to be searched in the background (helps you for newly downloaded songs).

Step 3:

Download and install Control Freak

When you install it it will place a *sis file on your desktop or where ever you want it to.

Once the installation is complete transfer the *sis file to your cell and install it there, once done we come back to the PC.

In Winamp options-> preferences -> go to general purposes there you will see ConrolFreak plugin, configure it by setting a port and selecting the start with Winamp option.


Now back to the phone, install the application that you sent on your phone, once done, start it and connect it to the PC. Most probably it should.

Once you have connected, marvel at what you can do with a Winamp plugin. You can control your entire PC, you have desktop control, besides, the search feature within Ctrl Freak’s media library is even better than Google.

So now we’re done 1 part ie. controlling your PC’s music through your cellular phone – wirelessly … yes even volume can be controlled (both the main volume and the Winamp volume).

You can shut down your PC, restart it, hibernate it all from your cellular phone.

The best part – when you receive a call, the playback pauses and also resumes once call is disconnected … so hear loud music and don’t miss a call.

But you PC is in 1 room, you in another, can’t increase the volume beyond a certain limit so what do we do? We take our music along with us in which ever room we go …. how?

Buy yourself an audio splitter connect it to the back of your computer motherboard, connect your speakers to 1 point and a FM transmitter at the other. Got the idea.

Configure your FM receiver to the frequency you are transmitting on and take it to the other room, switch of the desktop speakers.

Voila. PC is at your finger tips, music is in your ears!!!!

The music is in the air or as Hrithik says – The thump is here. Rather where ever you are.